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Posted by Erika Curtis on 8th Aug 2022

For some people the sun and beach signify a holiday, but for us, let the mercury fall below zero and you’ll find us in our happy place! There’s something about the cold. The ability to wrap up warm and cosy to fend off the elements, cheeks tingling from exposure, sitting around open fires and snow laden trees! For the last 4 years, our winters have involved cold holidays above the Arctic Circle, but this year we decided to utilise one of the g… Read more
The Peak District is a diverse natural resource right on our doorstep: the 16,267 square kilometres of the UK’s 15 wild and wonderful National Parks. And they’re being discovered by a growing number of people and communities, thanks to the dedicated charities, volunteers and supporters who protect and promote them.We are already a key partner with the UK National Parks Foundation, we are turning our footsteps to our local National Park, and encou… Read more

Posted by Spotty Otter on 13th Jul 2022

It's that time of year again, it’s Great British summer staycation season! Whether you're heading to the coast to have fun on the seaside, or up into the hills to explore the countryside, are you off camping or even hitting the British festivals for a glamping weekend? Even if you're staying in a fancy hotel, you’ll be sure to need waterproofs and wellies for days out and about enjoying what Britain has to offer in all weathers!Remember ‘Th… Read more

Posted by Spotty Otter on 28th Jun 2022

What Is a Mud Kitchen? What are the benefits of playing with Mud?Everyone knows how much children love to play in the mud. After all, who hasn’t made a mud pie in their life? A mud kitchen is an outdoor play station that allows children to engage in pretend and messy play by cooking with mud, sand, and water. Mud kitchens help children to develop fine motor skills, roleplay, exploration, and social skills. Mud kitchens are beneficial for children… Read more