Clothes to last a lifetime? You’ve found them! Spotty Otter’s incredible clothes, designed exclusively for kids, are made to take on the toughest outdoor challenges and come up smiling.

But we also know how fast kids grow, and the pressure new clothing production puts on the planet, as well as your pocket. Shockingly, Brits dumped 300,000 tonnes of textiles in landfill last year, worth £12.5 billion! (We know that’s unlikely to include Spotty Otter because we make lasting lovable, not fast fashion; phew).

Spotty Otter parents already post pictures of our coats, jackets, splashsuits and wellies being passed down through the family, never losing their bright colours, durability or love-it appeal; but how could we give even more Little Otters the chance to access our fun and high functional clothing just when they- and you- need it?


We’re proudly partnering with innovative clothing swap company Thelittleloop, whose inspiring founder, Charlotte Morley, not only wowed on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, but broke investment records for a pitch!

Her innovative clothes ‘rental’ scheme makes dressing fast-growing kids environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and hassle free. For an affordable fee, parents pick a clothing rental package with (the Otterly brilliant bonus) unlimited swaps built in- saving up to 2/3 on the cost of buying new across the year.

To be included, clothing companies must demonstrate the highest standards of sustainable and ethical sourcing, production, durability and quality, which we’re proud to say Spotty Otter aced! 

So you can now find Spotty Otter’s range of fun and funky Adventure jackets, trousers, dungarees and splashsuits, from 6 months to 14 years, available to rent through Tried and tested wet-weather winners, your kids are guaranteed to stay snug and dry whatever the weather, however active the adventure, or enthusiastic the splashing!

It’s the perfect way to try out Spotty Otter clothing for the first time, clothe your whole Little Otter pack, or when that unexpected adventure, school activity, sneakily changing season, or wardrobe of overnight-outgrown clothes catches you out. It’s definitely time to get in Thelittleloop!

Our exclusive partnership with the Dragons’ Den clothes-swap pioneer: making fantastic outdoor clothing accessible when YOU need it.