​Can your Kids Capture Nature?

​Can your Kids Capture Nature?

Posted by Spotty Otter on 14th Jun 2023

The 15th of June marks Nature Photography Day, which allows us to capture those amazing moments on camera to keep forever.

What is National Nature Photography Day?

The stunning beauty of the natural world is breathtaking, inviting us to explore

and admire it as much as possible. Nature exists harmoniously alongside our world, and it's vital that we demonstrate our love and respect for it.

Understanding and admiring nature’s beauty is the perfect way to achieve this. Many have found hobbies and interests involving the natural world to be fulfilling and rewarding.

One of the best ways to admire and experience the supreme magnificence of the natural world is to capture it. Nature is so awe-inspiring and unique that we often only get fleeting moments that pass as quickly as they happen. The Great Migration and thunderstorms are good examples of nature that you must try to capture when you get the opportunity.

Have you ever enjoyed looking at a beautiful flower, or been close to a bee landing on the entrance to its hive? If so, you know what it is to marvel at the natural world around us. Nature Photography Day celebrates those souls who can capture nature’s beauty in the eye of a camera.

As nature lovers, we all know the impact that capturing those precious moments can have in allowing us to appreciate the beauty of our world. That's why Nature Photography Day is such an incredible day to celebrate! In this article, we'll provide you with everything you need to know about this special day, so you can capture the power of nature and cherish those amazing memories for years to come. Let's get started!

How to celebrate?

Obviously, the first step to celebrating Photography Day is getting out into the world with your camera. You can’t take pictures of nature without being out in it, and who doesn’t need a walk every now and then? Visit your local park and discover the beauty in such a natural setting or look in your garden for the little-hidden world of insects and flowers. Nature can be found everywhere, even in the cracks in the sidewalks! In fact, you could even take this one step further and try to snap one picture every single day for a year of the natural world. Challenge yourself. Try to get out of the house and make the most of the world around you. Take your camera to the park, head into the garden, and experience nature differently. It's a great way of getting up close and personal with the natural world.

Enter Our 'Kids Capture Nature' Competition

As adults, let's take a step back and give kids the chance to seize the moment behind the lens. They can use their own camera or borrow yours - what matters is that they capture the beauty of nature from their unique perspective.

Over the next six weeks, we want to see nature captured from your kid’s perspective. We have six prizes to giveaway, so get outside and explore what the natural world has to offer. 

Find out how to enter HERE