Caring for Spotty Otter Waterproofs

Caring for Spotty Otter Waterproofs

Posted by Spotty Otter on 16th Oct 2023

If you want to preserve the appearance and functionality of your waterproofs, Spotty Otter has you covered. We recognise that kids' outdoor gear is bound to get dirty, but washing it is a key part of ensuring its longevity. Contrary to a common misconception, you don't need to wash waterproof jackets and trousers after every use, it will not cause damage to wash them, In fact, you can machine wash Spotty Otter Waterproofs using the right products, and they'll continue to keep your kids dry on rainy days.

We recommend using Storm Care products, the Storm Care Apparel care kit is perfect for cleaning and re-proofing our gear. 

Within this kit, you get all you need to care for your Technical Apparel. Apparel Wash, Apparel Proof, and a handy Dosing cup to ensure the correct volume of product is used.


Yes, waterproofs need cleaning and clean gear is safer and healthier.

In preparation for washing your children’s waterproofs, it’s important to know that you never want to use ordinary detergent, as this can break down the waterproof coating. The Storm Care wash products are specially formulated to clean your gear without compromising the active DWR-treated materials.

1. Prepare your waterproofs by using a soft brush or damp cloth, brush off any dirt or dust that the kids picked up on the trail. Check those pockets for treasures like sticks, pinecones, or stones! Close any zips and fasten any flaps, poppers, or buttons.

2. Prepare your washing machine, you don’t want to wash your waterproofs with regular detergent, take a damp cloth, and quickly wipe out the detergent compartment of your washing machine to make sure it’s clear.

3. Place your waterproofs in the machine. You can wash them together but don’t add any other items to your wash. Shake the Wash Bottle well, and add 75ml using the measuring cup provided into the compartment for detergent. Wash your waterproofs on a gentle, 30-degree cycle.

4. To dry your Spotty Otter waterproofs, we recommend air drying them. Don’t pace in a tumble dryer or on a hot radiator.

Proof -

Re-Waterproofing Spotty Otter Waterproofs are not necessary every time you wash them, but when you notice that these items are absorbing water instead of rain beading and rolling off them, it’s time to re-waterproof them.

The proof products are free from harmful fluorocarbons and designed to work with all laminates and coatings, replenishing the DWR to extend the life and increase performance.

It is so easy to do using Storm Care Proof, simply add 75ml into the compartment you usually add fabric softener when you wash them. It works like two in one and re-proofs after the wash. Again, you can add more than one item to the wash, we would recommend 2-3 products at a time.

We hope this helps to give your Spotty Otter products a long and happy life!