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How our family found Spotty Otter...

How our family found Spotty Otter...

Posted by Kelly Balaam on 17th May 2022

Spotty Otter customer Kelly shares with us how she found Spotty Otter and the impact our kit has had on her daughters adventures! 

I thought I would put pen to paper and try to give an account of my struggle to find the ultimate clothing for the cold winter months for new born baby to a nearly three year old now. We are a very active family with a Husband in the Army and two very boisterous and ‘full of beans’ dogs.

My day consists of two good 4/5 mile walks a day with the dogs and my little girl Thea. The summer months are easy and clothing choice is anything in the wardrobe. However, come winter, choice is limited, and a young child can become cold quickly and so the outdoor life suffers. This I decided shouldn’t be the case, and so I decided to investigate clothing for my daughter that would allow myself to stay out on cold winter days and let my daughter enjoy the natural wonders of the outdoors with the dogs in tow.

First point of call was to ask other Mums of what they would recommend and what their opinion was on those items. I got a mixed review, and nothing stood out and said, ‘buy me’!! So off to good old Google I went. I spent literally hours looking through outdoor sites for the clothing I had in mind……but, everything I looked at started from 3 years upwards.

I was about to give up and admit defeat when I came across Spotty Otter. It was instantly what I was looking for! I was so impressed with what a young age Spotty Otter started their clothing at. Thea was new-born so we got 0-6 months Spotty Otter Adventure Waterproof Splashsuit in red. There was so much room for her, and she got the full use out of it.

There was plenty of room to put warmer clothes on underneath if needed. She was in this at least until she was 1. I had so many comments on how lovely it looked on her. It was a quality product it looked the part and did its job as it said, ‘on the Tin’!!

Inevitably, the time came when she could no longer fit into her suit and we had to look at getting something new. As a parent I like to try different products, and with her walking so early I needed a robust outfit that was going to take a lot of falls and withstand everything that was thrown at it! Again, winter was coming and so I returned to Spotty Otter for inspiration.

I found the Spotty Otter duck down suit age 1-2 years in pink. This I found was the warmest all in one she’s ever used, and I was delighted with this product. we do a lot of walking as a family not just strolls in woods, hikes too and I was never concerned about her being cold. Again, she had her full wear out of this product as the Spotty Otter range comes with a lot of room, its warm, its windproof, its perfect!

Again, Thea was growing so quick it was time for another change! Knowing what I now know and the results I have had from Spotty Otter clothing, our next purchase was the Spotty Otter Patrol II Chillipup Splashsuit.

The lining inside this suit is insulated and it has a nice red shell outer layer. This is waterproof windproof and warm! What else could you ask for? We got age 2-3 and she calls it her (supersuit) because it is super.
Its hard wearing and its the ultimate puddle splash-er on all daily adventures. The red colour is so smart and bright its what we always go for. We also tried the matching Spotty Otter mittens in red which she loves wearing.


As an overall product, I found the purchases I made on Spotty Otter clothing excellent for the activities my family undertakes. It may not suit everyone as we all do different things as families. I would also add that it isn’t the cheapest of clothing, but you do get what you pay for! It would take something special for me to buy another brand of clothing other than Spotty Otter. It is hard wearing, robust and highly waterproof. The build quality is second to none as is the attention to detail.

I always wash the suits on a 30-degree wash, and they come out as good as new. I advise to be careful when you pull the zips up on the suits as we have pulled to hard and the rubber Spotty Otter zip came off but was easily repaired. This is my go-to and I highly recommend if you’re an outdoor family like us. They look the part, your little one is comfortable, and you can go out whatever the weather.

I hope this was helpful to anyone that has taken the time to read it. Enjoy life to the full and what the outdoors has to offer.

Kelly Mum, Thea Bambino and of course the dogs! Follow our adventures on Instagram: @kellybalaam