How to Pick the perfect Christmas Tree ✨

How to Pick the perfect Christmas Tree ✨

Posted by Spotty Otter on 5th Dec 2023

The Christmas tree holds the heart of holiday traditions. Choose a tree that your family will cherish for years to come.

Top tips to help you choose the perfect tree

  • Inspect the tree thoroughly from all angles, ensuring it doesn't have any broken branches or gaps.
  • If you're cutting your own tree, make sure at least three sides of the tree are full, without large gaps in the arrangement of branches and needles so it will look verdant if you place it in a corner.
  • Choose a fresh Christmas tree with a vibrant green colour, indicating its health.
  • Run your hand along the branches; the needles should hold firmly and remain flexible. A real Christmas tree with stiff, brittle needles is too dry and will quickly turn brown and shed needles.

  • Spotty Otter's top advice is to bundle up warmly, especially for the kids! The winter season can be quite chilly, and ensuring the children are warmly dressed is crucial for them to fully enjoy the experience. Make sure to layer up, choose suitable footwear, and create magical family memories during this time of year.

  • When you take your tree home, ensure it's in water, it's a mistake lots of people make with their real Christmas Trees. A tree standing in water stays hydrated and lasts longer.
  • Keep trees away from fireplaces, air vents, and heaters. That extra heat and dry air will make the tree dry out faster.

Photography by Laura Hepburn