Let's Layer up

Let's Layer up

Posted by Carmy Peach on 15th Jan 2024

Hi, I’m Carmy and I love hiking with my son all year round. The weather can be challenging at times but with a 7-year-old I’m used to a challenge! 

Read on for my top tips on how to layer up and keep children dry, warm and happy* on those cool, wet, memorable winter walks.

It’s all about layering and the essential accessories including socks and gloves, (oh and chocolate!). Most days I use 3 layers for lil man, but for those EXTRA cold days, I sneak in a 4th (and extra chocolate)!

LAYER 1 - The Base Layer

This is closest to your skin and needs to be warm and able to absorb your sweat (known as wicking). By doing this you allow your body to regulate its temperature and wick away moisture when going up and down those hills. Not all fabrics can do this so you must get it right. Cotton will soak up and retain the moisture and leave you feeling cold. The Spotty Otter Cosy Cub Base Layer Set is made of 95% Viscose Rayon, 5% Spandex and has a soft Merino-type feel to it. We love the (slightly) high neck as it keeps the wind off their chest and that 5% spandex comes in handy when putting those stretchy thermal leggings on!

LAYER 2 - The Mid Layer

Next up we have the super snug and insulating mid-layer, it acts a little bit like a draft excluder as it helps stop cold air from wafting through the 3rd layer and straight to your skin. The Spotty Otter Cosy Cub Micro Fleece is ideal as not only is it warm and soft but it also wicks any moisture away from your body.

LAYER 3 - The Outer Layer

This layer takes the full force of all the elements, hail, wind, diagonal rain, and therefore needs to be waterproof, warm and lightweight. It also needs to be breathable so it allows sweat to escape the body and not be trapped (making you cold). Lil man always wears his Forest Leader Insulated Printed Dungarees as this means he can still splash about, thus making the walk more fun! They're fleece-lined and made from a durable PU outer fabric. He then has his matching Forest Leader Insulated Printed Coat which has a generous-sized peaked hood and never fails us!

LAYER 4 - The EXTRA Mid-Layer

Also known as ‘the layer that stops them complaining about being cold when you’ve misjudged how cold it is as you reach the summit’. It’s also the layer you’ll most likely end up carrying in your rucksack (along with the phone, drinks, car keys etc). For those walks where the weather is relentless or if you're hiking up to some serious heights where the weather gets worse the higher you get. Then an extra jumper will be much needed and can fit in under their fleece.


Toasty toes are essential as once they are cold they never seem to get warm again. We wear a thick pair of Otterly Wonderful Socks. These also have a seamless toe area as children do not like a toe seem do they? Hats are an issue with us as they are on, off, on, off and I find the peaked fleece-lined hood gives all the protection he needs. Lil man practically lives in his Adventure Neoprene Wellies all winter. They have a great grip to them like Michelin tyres and the 3mm neoprene makes them super warm. Finally, we have the Patrol Winter Gloves which have a Fleecy Thinsulate™ thermal layer as well as being waterproof, with a longer length draught-proof snow cuff.

That’s all for now and I hope you have some great winter walks planned as we can’t just sit waiting for Spring when there is so much to enjoy about winter. Who knows, we may even see you out and about! I’ll be the one carrying all the gear, taking the layers on and off and lil man will be the one dressed head to toe in Spotty Otter happily exploring the great outdoors.

*Disclaimer…we cannot guarantee a happy child BUT we can guarantee that when dressed in Spotty Otter they will be warm and well protected from the unpredictable UK weather!