Our Ambassadors

Our Spotty Otter Ambassadors, are our Otterly amazing, inspiring (but most important of all, fun) friends who live the outdoor life with their families, in their professional lives, or in every minute of spare time they can. They share experiences, passions and expertise with us, from the fun of fungi foraging, to the beneficial impact of nature on mental health, to tips for persuading a two-year-old not to plunge into nettles however Spotty Otter-ed up they are!

We hope that their articles and stories provide inspiration, tips, and moments of camaraderie. You’re not alone- you’re part of the Spotty Otter family. Be part of what they’re sharing on our Blog, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Spotty Otter Adventure Kids Waterproof Jacket

But of course, our biggest and bestest Ambassadors are often the littlest! We love hearing from Spotty Otter cubs, receiving pictures of your best outdoor adventures, and seeing Spotty Otter clothing being tested to the limits! Share your #spottyotter pictures with us online and tag us in your stories!