About Us

Spotty Otter Kids Waterproof Clothing

Who are we?

We're an independent UK brand that gives your kid the confidence to redefine adventure anywhere through truly waterproof and childhood-lasting clothing. We’re huge fans of kids having good old fashioned, rough and tumble, jump and splash, scream and shout fun. And with Spotty Otter kid's waterproof clothing, the fun starts here!

What we make?

We make comfortable, truly waterproof, and functional clothing that allows kids to stay happy outside for longer.


Colourful gear that kids love as it allows them to run, climb, jump in puddles, roll in snow, and have fun outside while staying snug, warm, dry, and protected. Gear that parents love as it features the best technical fabrics, smartest looks, cleverest details, tremendous durability, and protection, is simple to pop on and slip off and is easily machine washable.

Help families get outside more

By keeping children happy by staying dry and comfortable. Our waterproofs remove barriers to outdoor play, motivating families to be outside for longer.  

Freedom to redefine adventure

Kids are the most imaginative creatures on the planet. Anywhere outside can be an adventure for them, the walk to school, the garden, the beach, the park, the mountains, or right outside their front door. At Spotty Otter we provide the kit to embrace their surroundings in style and comfort while offering protection.

Trustworthy confidence-boosting clothing

Our designs give confidence and provide ultimate protection against the elements, without sacrificing comfort and freedom.


Our clothes are designed to give parents peace of mind knowing their kids will look stylish and feel comfortable all day long.

Truly Waterproof 

 Offering protection in the harshest storms. We don’t just claim to be waterproof; we are truly waterproof.

Sit down in a puddle for hours and still be dry!

Clothing made to outlast the most spirited childhood.  

Made to withstand the rough and tumble of play and to be handed down for generations to come.


Everlasting clothing - our clothes become family heirlooms.


Working with KitUp Adventures and LittleLoop to offer opportunities to rent Spotty Otter or earn from outgrown Spotty Otter kit.


We've chosen our materials carefully, ensuring they can endure the rigours of childhood. Our goal is for children to outgrow the kit before it requires replacement due to wear and tear. 


Made exclusively for kids. Not to distribute anyone else’s clothing, not to downsize adult clothing, and no compromises.